Recording studio - Music Production Multimedia - Live-Music

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Productions in different styles, as well as new songs ( lyrics and music ), songwriting in different languages :
Dutch, English, Spanish, etc.

arrangements, mix and mastering on CD and DVD, with entire cost calculation.

Live recordings, mixes and mastering for vocalists, choirs, bands in all styles, classical ensembles, jazz ensembles, ...
( 2 recording-rooms, control room - auditive and visual contact between all rooms ).

Tunes for websites, commercials, jingles, streaming audio, sounddesign, mixing, mastering, hard-disc editing, special effects, sound-editing for shows and presentations, author copyright ( SABAM ), printing of scores, songwriting and compositions of tunes, audio restoration, ... Contact us for questions about similar services.

Due to our education and experience with known artists and companies we will always help you in a professional way.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.